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Friday, 16 December 2011

Korea Tour

                                                   Koreaaaa.....  Tour  26 Nov - 2 Dec 2011
                                                             Anyeung Haseyo......
Sunrise Peak (Seongsan Ilchulbong) 

 formed by hydro-volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. It is located at eastern shore of Jeju Island, nicknamed so because the sunrise is such a spectacular sight to see from the top of the peak.

The mountain was named Seorak because the snow would not melt for a long time keeping the rocks in a permanent state of white. Seoraksan is the third highest mountain in South Korea.
Once you arrive at Daecheongpong (The highest peak) you can view the magnificent mountain range. The sunrise viewed from here is spectacular and should not be missed.

Everland - One of the four major theme parks
in the world.
Everland in Seoul

                                                              Hanbok dressing     
Dragon Peak in Ski Resort  ( Scene in Winter Sonata )

Geyonbokgung palace

                                                Church scene in one of the famous korea drama

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